Every seat was filled as the Rotary Club of Glendale Noon presented a Veterans Day themed meeting. The meeting began with club members and guests honoring Don Galleher—exemplary rotarian, community leader and inspiration to many. Kathy Rust joined by Paul Rick Phelan, Bruce Osgood, Bruce Green spoke of how much of an impact Don had on their lives, serving as a role model for community involvement.  Councilmember Paula Devine presented Don with a Certificate of Commendation signed by Mayor Sinanyan in recognition of his 53 years of service to the community.  Former club presidents Makiko Nakasone, Larry Tison and Elizabeth Mannessarian echoed their appreciation for Don’s ever positive attitude and welcoming spirit.

We’re honored to have Don as a member of our club.

Camille Levee, director of the Wellness Works spoke on the organizations goal of restoring a sense of wholeness of mind, body, soul, and most important spirit, to veterans and their families and explained the challenges veterans face when they return from their deployments. Lone Wolf spoke about his own experiences serving in the special forces during the last days of the Vietnam war. His presentation underscored the need for veterans to heal more than the body but also focus on the mind and spirit by rejoining their community and serving to the best of their abilities. Lone Wolf is a member of the Saints Motorcycle Club and devotes much of his time to helping veterans heal their mind and soul. We’re grateful to both Camille and Lone Wolf for reminding us of the ways we can help our dear veterans become whole again after sacrificing so much for our country.