Glendale Rotary club meeting on March 21, 2024

President George Sikali conducted his last meeting, as our  SHORT-Interim president, starting with the flag salute by Josh Wofford and the Four Way Test by Elizabeth Manassarian

Greg Mgerian introduced Astrik Vardanyan as our newest member. Astrik is the Co-Founder of the Armenian Child Wellness Foundation, as well as, the Co-Founder of Michael Olden Mother Center in  Armenia . Astrick is an anthropologist whose emphasis  is in comparative child rearing and birth practices in various cultures of the world. As ACWF founder she holds regular seminars and workshops in Los Angeles to reach younger generation and parents to be in our community.  Astrik explains that the reason she joined the club was because there’s a basic human need… To be needed being part of a group that provides the means to connect with others, have fun, friendship and give back to society.  Together we can create projects to impact society and being with like kind people in the right place to improve society.

Today was Astrik’s birthday and we were able to celebrate it with her.

Larry Tyson fined Greg for his long winded introduction, which included how he had met Astrik.  I did not write this part of the introduction because it was tooooo long.

Guests were introduced rob Indies a former member visiting the club and Nana who is Ruben Garaloyan’s  wife announce that there is a the Tsakhkazard Kids Festival at Verdugo Park  on Sunday March 24th .

Club Announcements

Richard Swanberg reminded us that the Rotary International Polio Plus campaign for the new year it will start in July and encouraged the club to maintain its 100% participation

Josh Wofford announced that we still need volunteers for the Car for Cops and Kids. Flyers produced by Art Markrian are available to hand out .  Elizabeth announced that Kirby’s Firm , The Accountancy  and Acencia both sponsored the event with $500.

Frank Saito announced that Sam Carvajal, who is currently vacationing in Hawaii, pledged $10,000 to the Camp Pendleton community service fund described by David from the South Bay Rotary Club in the program last week. He was moved by the presentation and has requested that members of the club and the Glendale Rotary Foundation consider matching his pledge. Frank  pledged $1000 toward this request by Sam.  Larry Tyson said he will discuss this with the board of the Glendale Rotary foundation.

Louise Skosey made an announcement of behalf of Makiko,

  • Dodgers Night: In conjunction with the District Conference, the game is on May 3rd against the Atlanta Braves. Shohei Otani is scheduled to play along with Ronald Acuna, Jr both reigning MVP’s.  She would like to reach the  goal of getting 400 tickets sold for the game. If that goal is met, then Makiko will be throwing out the first pitch and we may all be on the big screen together.
  • The District Conference will be held on May 3-5, 2024 at the Biltmore hotel in downtown LA. Rooms at the Biltmore which normally goes for $1,000 night will be available at a discounted price at $199. She hope out club can have a table or two at the Govenor’s Ball in the Crystal Ballroom.
  • Finally, the Rotary International President Gordon McNally will be visiting district 5280 and it’s been 13 years since a Rotary International president has visited the district  Rotarians are invited to attend  luncheon on May 13th, at the Beverly Hills Hotel.  Tickets will be $150.00 per person of which $50.00 will be donated to The Rotary Foundation tickets will also include valet parking and a Club photo session with the president.

Larry Tyson our Sergeant at Arms notice that Gerry Tomsic had not worn his pin again and offered to sell him a pin for $20, which he gladly took.  Gregor, who is a returning member, was also not wearing his pin and received pin for $20. President George was assessed a fine of $100 for interrupting Larry. Joy Garcia, who has been absent for several meetings due to her work assignments announced that he has been promoted at the bank and now can attend meetings again.  She volunteered to give the club $20 as her fine.

Today’s program was given by our member Art  Markarian.  His program was about the AYSO and the benefits it provides to many youth in the community.  Art described how a AYSO helps many children and went into detail about the particular benefits to  young girls. Statistics have shown that 51% of girls experience sadness and hopelessness of which 30% have considered suicide. Many factors contribute to this, including the feeling of isolation, 6 to 9 hours of on screen time, not developing social skills, lack of development and lack of physical fitness. 64% or higher experience depression.

AYSO provides, through its organizational youth sports program, development of social skills, including as teamwork,  discipline through physical activities.  Physical Education at schools are not sufficient to provide youth with skills and physical activity.  There are no barriers to entry and include, as a part of its program, the ability to include children with disabilities to participate on a team.  Children are taught to work with other teammates with all levels of abilities and everybody plays.

Glendale AYSO with over 3,400 participants is one of the largest districts. The organization is staffed with 100% volunteers. It costs approximately $170 per year to participate ,which pays for uniforms photos trophies,etc. The Glendale Rotary Foundation gave $2,000 recently towards the regions financial aid fund, supporting this organization life lessons that include taking risks, team building, learning from losses, focus and intensity.  Donations to be a Team Spouse sponsor can be made for $350.00.