Glendale Rotary Foundation

The Rotary Club of Glendale Foundation is essential to our fundraising efforts. The Foundation enables the Club to garner the support it needs to contribute to projects both locally as well as internationally. While the members participate in projects and plan activities year-round, the Foundation works to secure the funding and fundraising that will be impactful to the beneficiaries.

The Foundation encourages and supports giving of all sizes and sources.  The foundation’s generosity has helped pay for scholarships, local, district wide, national and international projects.

The Foundation Board has diligently worked behind the scenes to ensure foundation growth and enable Glendale Rotary to grow and play a significant role within our community.

The Foundation is a representation of the hopes and dreams of the club’s past and present members. It is our vision to see the future of Glendale Rotary continues with diligent planning and security that our efforts will make a difference.