President’s Message

2020-2021 Club President Art Markarian

Art Markarian

The Rotary Club has been focused on human health and wellbeing from its very inception when over 100 years ago, four businessmen pooled their resources to purchase a horse and carriage for a country doctor enabling him to make his rounds.

In 1987 this focus on health expanded to an ambitious global effort when Rotary International initiated a campaign to eradicate Polio; a disease that once paralyzed and took the lives tens of thousands of children each year in the US and around the world. Today, thanks to the efforts of dedicated Rotary volunteers working together with the World Health Organization and The Gates Foundation, only a tiny handful of polio cases are reported annually. In a short time Polio will be only the second infections disease eliminated from the human condition.

In the early 2000’s the robust field network and logistics of Rotary International came to worlds aid again during the Ebola pandemic, stopping the disease dead in its tracks.

Today, more than ever, Rotary’s core missions of peace and health, and our network and track record of fighting infections disease and creating peace will be instrumental to helping the world face down a pandemic that is bringing economic hardship and societal unrest in its wake.

The Rotarians of Glendale –Noon are highly respected professionals in each of their fields and community leaders who commit their time and talents to create positive change for our neighbors in our city and around the world. In the past 98 years of our clubs history, we have seen first hand the great good that can be accomplished when we work together and combine our talents for the benefit of our community. This year we will continue our mission to put Service Above Self and do all we can to make a positive difference in our city and the world. I am truly humbled and honored to offer all that I can as president of this Rotary club and invite you to reach out and be a part of the solution with us.