We received this email from Bill Hagen with an update on the Cuthbert Project:

“This photo is for the Rotary Club of Glendale, the Rotary Club of Guam, the Rotary Club of Truk Lagoon and the Rotary Club of Tumon Bay.

The school supplies have finally reached the island of Onoun in the Namonuitoes and the kids are delighted. You can all be proud of your efforts. It is doubtful that you will ever be aware of all the good you have done but, trust me, the people of the Namonuitoes know of your generosity and are thankful.

It took three 20 foot outboard motorboats to make the 125 mile trip across open ocean from Weno, Chuuk to the Namonuitoes to deliver all of the supplies last month.

Thanks for all your help. I hope we can call on all of you again in the future.

Bill Hagen of the Cuthbert Project”