Rotary meeting March 7, 2024

Louise Skosey ran the meeting since George Saikali was not able to make it.


Richard Swanberg and Ana Novella made an announcement to encourage new members to participate in the Rotary International’s Polio Plus campaign. Also, they are encouraging all members to participate in next years campaign to continue with the club’s100% participation, the donation is $100 per person.

Josh Walford announced that the Rotary Cars for Cops and Kids annual car show will be on June 2, 2024 at Verdugo Park and encouraged members to volunteer. Also Elizabeth Manasserian with be other there again getting sponsorships. Elizabeth asked for volunteers to assist her in obtaining sponsorships and that she is a very good teacher to show you how to do it. She also looked for members of the club to become sponsors as well. Sam and Larry both said that they will be $1,000 sponsors as they have been in past years. Art Markarian developed the great looking flyers which were handed out at the meeting.

Next Makiko Nakasone being announcement that there are three District 5280 events coming up

Dodgers Night: In conjunction with the District Conference, the game is on May 3rd against the Atlanta Braves. Shohei Otani is scheduled to play along with Ronald Acuna, Jr both reigning MVP’s. She would like to reach the goal of getting 400 tickets sold for the game. If that goal is met, then Makiko will be throwing out the first pitch and we may all be on the big screen together.

The District Conference will be held on May 3-5, 2024 at the Biltmore hotel in downtown LA. Rooms at the Biltmore which normally goes for $1,000 night will be available at a discounted price at $199. She hope out club can have a table or two at the Govenor’s Ball in the Crystal Ballroom.
Finally, the Rotary International President Gordon McNally will be visiting district 5280 and it’s been 13 years since a Rotary International president has visited the district Rotarians are invited to attend luncheon on May 13th, at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Tickets will be $150.00 per person of which $50.00 will be donated to The Rotary Foundation tickets will also include valet parking and a Club photo session with the president.

Nancy Niebrugge announced that the Campbell Center will be holding its 32nd annual BOWL A THON at the Bolero Pasadena’s bowling alley. On April 14 from 11:45 AM to 2:30 PM. It is their major fundraiser and there are sponsorship opportunities that she hopes the club will be able to support. The Campbell Center is government funded but there are other needs that the organization has, which is not supported by those funds.

Fine and Sharing

Sergeant at arms Larry Tison said George told him that he could assess whatever fines he felt necessary. As such, he fined George Saikali $100 for not being at the meeting. Gerry Tomsic has been absent from meetings lately and Larry asked him if he’s been traveling. He also pointed out that he was not wearing his Rotary pin and he will be fined $20. But, offered to give him a Travel exemption on fines if he agreed to an additional extra $100 for the rest of the year. Gerry gladly paid the $120.00 fine.

Larry proceeded to ask Sam Carvajal if he’s been traveling lately and ask them to stand up. Sam said he had been traveling and he and his family ( a total of 22) went to Puerto Rico on a cruise to celebrate his 87th birthday. Sam said he was thankful for being a Rotarian. Sam humbly said that he knows is day are number and is blessed to be able to enjoy lying on the beach. Sam gladly paid $100 for not wearing his pin and for the travel exemption through June 30th.



Today’s program was given by David Henesler , a fellow Rotarian from the South Bay Rotary Club. David introduced us to an organization named Rise Against Hunger. The organization was established to provide support and packets of food to be delivered to people in various countries that are in dire need. There are over they’re over 820 million people they go hungry every day. Some of the programs he’s been involved with include places like Madagascar and Malawi. People are starving when there are natural disasters and man-made disasters, like what’s going on in the Ukraine, resulting in food shortages. 40% of the packages go to children in schools in order to function and receive education. In Malawi 74% of the people live below the poverty level and it would cost $1.25 per day to feed each person. The goal of the organization is to send out 50,000 meals per year, which includes soy rice vitamins and other food supplements. Each packet can cause between their data sense to $0.42 and are shipped out in in boxes add a specific size and weight to keep shipping costs down. They will need volunteers and support to put together these food packages. Elizabeth, Louise and Angela had been supported and volunteers in the past. There were 20 clubs and they put together 41,000 meals in 2-1/2 hours! The next scheduled date is on November 9, 2024 at the Torrance YMCA.

The other program he supports is the Camp Pendleton Community Service Fund. The organization provide families at Camp Pendelton with basic needs to live on base properties. Camp Pendleton had over 46,000 enlisted men and women serving our country. With it come approximately 700 families with children. There are 4-6 elementary schools established for the children and are 160 babies born each month. The service men, women and families are provided housing but, there is no furniture or living supplies that comes along with the housing. Many families come with what they can fit in in their cars or luggage. There is a tremendous need for diapers. On average the service men and women receive $2,600 per month as a stipend to live on, which is $87 per day. The Camp Pendleton Foundation provides needed support to the families, which includes scholarships for children, money to fix the only car they have and to buy food. David organized collection points and sends one or two 26 foot trucks with donated supplies to the base. There are two warehouses on the base that stores and distributes the household items, and diapers. Food is not stored due to rodents. Sam announced that he will be making a significant donation and would like others to join in with the goal to match his.

Next Meeting

March 21, 2023

Art Markarian is the program speaker