We’re grateful to Dr. Glynn for making time to speak with our club on the subject of avoiding back pain while working from home! Below are some notes from his presentation along with a gift certificate valid for members of our club.

Range of Motion – Spine and Neck
     > Flexion (chin to chest)
     > Extension (chin toward ceiling)
     > Rotation (looking over shoulders)
     > Lateral Flexion (ear to shoulder)
     > Rule of 90 – all major joints at a neutral position for optimal desk and work posture
     > Rule of 20-8-2 – every 30 minutes broken into 20 sitting/8 standing/2 moving
     > Psoas Stretch – step out with left left leg, reach arms overhead, lean toward side of left leg, feel stretch in right hip. Repeat on the other side.
    > Hamstring Stretch – place heel on elevated surface, lean toward elevated leg, feel stretch in hamstring and glute.

Gift Certificate and Special Offer for our club

Dr. Glynn has generously offered a gift certificate valid for all members of our club for a $20 includes consultation, examination, and motion study x-rays, as well as a second visit to go over all findings and recommendations. All collections will be donated back to the Rotary Club of Glendale. 

Download Gift Certificate