Club member, Bill Hagen just sent us a photo update on the delivery of much needed school supplies. We’re excited to see that the shipment arrives safely on the remote island and look forward to more updates soon.

Since 2009 The Cuthbert Project has assisted many hundreds of island children become familiar with the English Language and with computers using laptops with Rosetta Stone software, powered by a solar photovoltaic array. WeiPat High School, which is now called Northwestern High School is a boarding school located on the island of Onoun (google: Onoun) in the Namonuito Atoll (google: Namonuito) and serves high school students from the islands to the west and north of Chuuk, aka Truk Lagoon, in the State of Chuuk within the Federated States of Micronesia. In 2013 a 15,000 volume comprehensive library was added to the school to compliment the computer lab established by The Cuthbert Project in 2009.

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