On October 10, we were honored to host guest speaker Laura Friedman, State Assemblymember for our district #43.

Ms. Friedman has spent over 10 years in public service starting with a position on the design review board of Glendale, moving on to be a Councilmember and Mayor of the city of Glendale and recently being elected to a state office.

Her sincere desire to improve the public good shone through as she regaled us with her life story and her path to the state seat.

We’re proud to have her representing us!

We were also happy to host fellow Rotarians from Puerto Rico who brought a banner to exchange. Our guests reminded us of the state of Puerto Rico still suffering from the devastation caused by hurricane Maria in 2017. Please visit https://www.rotary.org/en/rotary-members-rebuild-after-hurricane-maria to learn about how Rotary International is helping out hurricane victims